The USPS H.R. Compliment office has informed Branch #34 that eleven (11) City Carrier Assistant’s (CCA) were converted to career Full-time Regulars in the Boston Installation effective Saturday, June 24, 2017.


CONGRATULATIONS to the following Members on their conversion to the career workforce.


Christina Colon  (South Boston)

Milagros Brooks  (J.F.K.)  **  (Branch #34 Steward)

Thomas Ryan  (Wellesley)  **  (Branch #34 Steward)

Keith Marchione  (Needham)

Abdarrahman Hmani (Chelsea Annex)

Funing Chen  (Waltham)

Jessica McNiff  (Waltham)

Julie Morandi  (Waltham)

Yinghua Lin  (Waltham)

Tylea Rogers  (Waltham)

Jonatan Rosa-Santiago  (Waltham)