“Bumping Is A Last Resort …”

Local Management’s newest attempt to disregard contractual requirements appears to target CCA and Unassigned Full-time Regular (FTR) Carriers who have exercised their right to opt on temporarily vacant assignments of five-days or more. 

This procedure, called “opting,” allows carriers to “hold-down” vacant duty assignments of regular carriers who are on leave or otherwise unavailable to work for five or more days. 

A brief review of ‘Opting’ rules: 

  • Unassigned FTR, PTF and CCA Carriers may exercise their preference by use of their seniority/relative standing for available craft duty assignments of anticipated duration of five (5) days or more in the delivery unit within their bid assignment area.

  • Article 41.2.B.5 of your National Agreement provides that once an available hold-down position is awarded, the opting employeeshall work that duty assignment for its duration.”

  • The duration provision (above) generally prevents the involuntary removal of employees occupying continuing hold-down positions.

  • Employees on hold-downs ‘are entitled to work the regularly scheduled days and the daily hours of duty of the assignment.’


There are only two exceptions to the rule against involuntarily removing employees from their hold-downs.

  • The first and most common exception occurs if the Local Memorandum allows the regular carrier on a route to “bump” the Carrier Technician to another route when the regular carrier is called in on a non-scheduled day to work on his/her own route (as is the case with all of Branch #34’s LMOU’s).  In such cases, the Carrier Technician is allowed to displace an employee who has opted on an assignment on the technician’s string if none of the other routes on the string are available.

  • A second exception which occurs less frequently states that PTF and City Carrier Assistants may also be “bumped” from their hold-downs to provide sufficient work for Full-time Regular Carriers. (FTR Carriers are guaranteed forty hours of work per service week.) 

  • In both situations, the PTF or CCA’s opt is not terminated. Rather, these employees are temporarily “bumped” on a day-to-day basis.


Recently, we have heard of several instances whereby some supervisor’s have improperly removed CCA’s from hold-downs and often times have instructed these employees to report at a begin time later in the day under the misguided opinion that Full-time Regular Carriers may have less than eight hours work on their respective assignments.     

In most instances, these Regular Carriers had more than eight hours work on their assignments resulting in unnecessary overtime; in many other instances there was sufficient work available on other assignments not covered and protected by the hold-down.

Either instance constitutes a contractual violation. 

If the above situation happens to YOU, immediately request to see your Station Steward or contact the Branch.  Do Not Let Management Trample On Your Rights!