Many Members are continually asking “What’s going on in Chelsea?” and “Was my pay stolen?”    


Here is what I currently know and can share:

  • Yes, the grievance investigation(s) into the TACS manipulations and deletion of time and pay continues to drag on at a methodical and exhaustive pace and the evidence just keeps piling up.

  • Yes, if you work at the IMC (or worked there in the past), your pay was probably affected in an adverse manner. It was taken!

     Branch #34 and the Stewards in the IMC are doing everything possible to thoroughly investigate this scandalous breach of trust by dozens of management personnel in addition to working towards formulating a remedy sufficient to compensate those Members who were affected and ensure that such repugnant actions never happen again. 

     To that end, in addition to other measures that we are looking into, I have recently met with and solicited counsel from the Seventh District Congressman Michael Capuano’s Office hoping to accelerate this process.            

Click on link below to view request.

     In the meantime, all Members need to continue to perform their duties in a safe and professional manner, be where you are supposed to be at all times and keep track of your work hours to ensure proper pay.