Our Stewards in the IMC continue to investigate what appears by all accounts to be a massive breach of trust by some postal management personnel with the altering of hundreds of time and attendance records of our Members.


At this time, multiple IMC Stewards have been working full 8 to 10-hour days pouring over close to 90,000 pages of TACS reports in preparation for a grievance to be addressed at the Step A Formal shortly.


Rest assured that Branch #34 will continue to protect the interests of all Members and that any resolve to this violation will absolutely include a remedy to ensure that no other such exploitation occurred in any of our other offices and installations. 


At the same time, Postal Service management is conducting its own internal investigation and we will reserve any judgments on their action until that inquiry concludes.


Meanwhile, we will be sending out to all of our Stewards an information packet relative to TACS manipulations and we will be discussing what Steward’s will need to know ensure that such untrustworthy acts are put a stop to once and for all at our Regular Monthly Meeting rescheduled for Thursday, June 22nd


All the same, Members are reminded that the best way to ensure that you are properly paid is to keep track of your time.