All Members need to be aware to keep track of all their work hours.

    Our Stewards at the Chelsea Carrier Annex have uncovered extensive ‘irregularities’ with their Time and Attendance Control System (TACS) recordings; what can only be described as blatant misrepresentations and outright theft of pay from our Members.   


While upper Management in the Boston Installation has purportedly initiated its own internal investigation and we warily await that response, we will also continue to actively pursue our investigations through the grievance procedure.


This grievance investigation, which so far involves dozens of hours of Union time and literally thousands of pages of TACS reports dating back to 2014, clearly establishes a systematic process whereby some management personnel improperly disallowed Members work-hours and worst yet, extended unsuspecting employee lunch breaks, resulting in loss of thousands of dollars$$$.    


I specifically used the word “systematic” because this is not the first occurrence of this type of wage theft in Boston in recent memory, and because quite frankly, the manner in which this cheating occurs is well beyond the intelligence of some of those undertaking such treachery.


This is simply a word of caution for our members.  As stated above Branch #34 will continue to pursue all of our investigations through the grievance process and we will keep you all informed; in the meantime, do yourself a favor and keep track of your time.