Deadlines for submissions of applications are fast approaching.  Check out your Local Memorandums of Understanding (LMOU) for specific dates and application procedures in the Home dropdown of our Menu Section


Most Members can lock-in their selections now for the upcoming non-choice vacation periods subject to their respective LMOU provisions.    


Installation               Period Begins                     Cut Off Dates                              

BOSTON                   October 23rd                          September 25th  

CAMBRIDGE           October 23rd                          September 25th  

COHASSET             September 25th                     September 16th

HINGHAM                 October 9th                             September 11th  

SCITUATE               October 2nd                            September 30th   

WOBURN                 October 2nd                                 September 16th


If you are interested in securing a non-choice vacation week(s), which in some instances may include holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, ect.) weeks, you should submit your selections soon.   


As LMOU provisions vary between installations, so be sure to check out your specific Local Memorandums for additional information.