Congratulating Christophe Paolera, (from left to right), are Steward John Dickenson,
Branch 34 President Jerry McCarthy, and Chief Steward Billy Criscitelli.

Chris Paolera saved the day, as a Cambridge Police Officer was struck by a truck that was backing up. The Mooney Street Carrier, while in the performance of his duties, did all the right things to get Emergency Services to the scene, first by reporting the accident on the squad car radio, and then having a passer-by call 911. This week, Paolera was honored with the NALC Local Hero Pin and a Letter from NALC President Fred Rolando, after being nominated at his Porter Square office, and then President Jerry McCarthy making the presentation. He has also been entered nationally for the NALC Heroes of the Year Program, which honors Brothers and Sisters annually for going above and beyond their duties as Letter Carriers, and assisting those in need in our communities where we deliver. 

Chris, on behalf of the entire Branch 34 Membership, Congratulations on a job well done!



Joining Team Leaders Northeast NALC Safety Representative Mike Gorham and Branch 34 Clerk, MBA/NSBA Rich Galvin on our newly expanded Branch 34 Route Inspection Team above are, (from left to right), Roxbury Shop Steward Keith Meredith, Back Bay Shop Steward Lucy Warren, Brighton Shop Steward Roshon Butts, and Sergeant – At – Arms Dan Kelly. Mike and Rich will be rigorously preparing the new recruits to better serve the membership in analyzing management’s data, educating Letter Carriers going under inspection, and protecting the routes we cover in the process. Thanks to all of you for being involved in this very important work on behalf of Branch 34 Boston!