About Us

Branch 34’s Mission Statement

Branch 34 has a rich heritage in NALC history. It was organized on June 18th, 1890 and celebrated as host of the very first NALC National Convention. Our national publication, the “Postal Record”, originated right here in Boston (1888) and was the work in progress of a Malden native named Alvin Brown. Throughout the decades Branch 34 has distinguished itself as a leader in the NALC while producing many national officers from within our ranks.

Over the past 131 years much has changed but never the obstacles placed before us. Branch 34’s involvement has helped evolve this company and union alike. Our mission today mirrors our mission of yesteryear: The advancement of Letter Carriers and the challenges placed before the working men and women of organized labor.

The challenges we faced a century ago were never easy and our forefathers’ persistence and steadfast fortitude paved the way for the many letter carriers that followed. Was change ever easy and immediate? Absolutely not for in many situations it took decades but that never deterred our aim or blurred our focus.

Boston is no stranger to politics and revolution. Today’s Branch 34, as in years past, remains dedicated to the advancement of letter carriers. Whether in the legislative arena or the local workroom floor our membership is our primary concern. We will continue to fight for our membership and the NALC alike to undo injustices and improve your quality of life.

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