Back Bay Route Inspections Cancelled

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I was informed late Friday that our Back Bay office would not be undergoing mail count and route inspection on Monday as scheduled.  While this would normally be greeted by the Branch with great delight, as usual I was again left with a sour taste in my mouth.  

It would be different if management’s declaration came because of a sudden realization that the exorbitant expense of parading around thousands of dollars of bloated management salaries to stand behind and harass Letter Carriers in the office and on the street just isn’t worth the cost.


Nope.  “Management’s decision is based solely on the potential of elevated mail volumes due to delays created by the storm last Thursday.” 


Fluctuations in mail volumes are a daily fact of life for every Letter Carrier.  Who’s to say that any variation which may have occurred in the Bay next week would be any different or more substantive than any of the other recurring weather occurrences, holidays and/or Plant failures that we deal with on regular basis. 


Of course in their minds, the decision was easy.   When the system is rigged to the extent that you can punt on first down when to the outcome isn’t guaranteed, only the employees and our customers can lose.

Click on the link above to view the management’s current route inspection which should be obvious, is subject to change!



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