Branch #34 Delegates To The 2018 NALC National Convention Chosen

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The following Branch #34 Members submitted nominations during the November Monthly Meeting and have hereby been designated as Delegates to the 71st NALC Biennial National Convention which will be held the week of July 16th through July 20, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan.  


Michael Bertrand                              Hingham

Salvatore Bottari                               Roxbury  

Thomas Boudreau                           JFK

Roshon Butts                                    Brighton

Stephen Celona                               IMC – East Boston

Domenic Corsetti                             Lexington

David D’Agostino                             Belmont

Robert Damatin                                Jamaica Plain

Joseph Demambro                          Brookline

John Fanning                               IMC – East Boston

John Galvin                                       Roxbury

Jack Gomes                                      Allston

Michael Gorham                               Fort Point

Emilio Leone                                 IMC –  East Boston

Wanda Hamm                                  Wollaston

Maureen (Marinelli) Hatfield           Retired (Weston)

Ron Holt                                            Braintree

Bill Lang                                            IMC – Chelsea

Fred London                                     Retired (Arlington)

Brian Manning                                  Stoneham

Jerry McCarthy                                 Arlington

John McMahon                                 Retired (Arlington)

Keith Meredith                                  Roxbury

Sean Mullett                                      Arlington

Thomas Rooney                              Wollaston

Anthony Scrivano                          Lexington

Samie Smith                                     Roxbury

Anthony Tinker                              Roxbury


President Michael Yerkes, Executive Vice President Kevin Flaherty, Secretary Treasurer Mike Murray and Vice President Robert Simpson are also designated as Branch #34 Delegates to the convention by virtue of their respective offices. 

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