OIG Audit Report Rips Boston Postal Management’s Time Card Fraud!

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Less than 24-hours after the first day of hearings in the arbitration of what has to be one of the largest grievances in NALC history (more than 17,000 pages), came the much anticipated report from the USPS’s Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) audit conducted over a six-month period earlier this year into management s manipulation and deletions of hundreds of Branch #34 Member’s pay.


Read the full OIG Audit Report here:  HR-AR-18-007


Highlights from the report include:

“The scope of our audit included timecard adjustments for letter carriers at the following 13 sites in the Greater Boston District that resulted in disallowed time from April 1, 2015, through September 30, 2017.   We assessed whether these adjustments were made in accordance with Postal Service policy.

■ Allston Station                               ■ Brighton Station

■ Brookline Branch                          ■ Central Square Main Post Office

■ Chelsea Carrier Annex                ■ Fort Point Station

■ Jamaica Plain Station                  ■ Medford Branch

■ Revere Carrier Annex                  ■ Stoneham Branch

■ Waltham Branch                           ■ Weston Branch

■ Weymouth Branch


Additionally, we reviewed 30 deleted clock rings and 20 extended lunch adjustments that resulted in time removed from employees at the Chelsea Carrier Annex to determine whether timecards were adjusted in accordance with Postal Service policy. We received these examples from NALC officials.”


“Supervisors in the Greater Boston District did not systemically adjust timecards in accordance with Postal Service policy. Specifically, 89 percent (177 of 199) of PS Forms 1017-A for 177 were not completed or maintained as required when employee time is disallowed. Of the 22 forms received, 50 percent (or 11) were missing key required information, such as the date the supervisor notified thee employee and/or the reason for disallowing the time.

In addition, we determined supervisors at one facility deleted 30 employee clock rings and extended 20 employee lunch times without any supporting documentation to justify the adjustment.  Further, we referred these issues to our Office of Investigation. …”


“Improperly removing employee time could lead to grievances and potential fines and penalties. We identified 470 hours that equated to $20,345 in unpaid wages due to supervisors not properly documenting timecard adjustments. This amount represents $19,837 in unpaid wages to carriers and city carrier assistants (CCA) for disallowed time and $508 in unpaid wages for deleted clock rings and extended lunch times. During FY 2017, four grievances were filed against the Postal Service regarding unauthorized timecard adjustments. One of the grievances is a class action and pending resolution and the remaining three were settled.

The Postal Service could also be assessed fines and penalties of up to $1,964 for each “repeat” or “willful” violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act and be subject to enforcement action by the Department of Labor, which could result in the recovery of employee back wages and liquidated damages in the equivalent amount.”



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