Pay Consolidation Case & Case Consolidation Lawsuit Rulings Are In

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Click Here To View Pay Consolidation Case Decision

Click Here To View Case Consolidation Decision

Two decisions were recently rejected in their respective jurisdictions in regards to issues brought forth by our National Union. 

First, National Arbitrator Das rejected NALC’s position that employees from other crafts in grades equivalent to the former City Carrier Grade 1 could no longer be excessed into the letter carrier craft under Article 12 of the National Agreement.  At the hearing, the NALC showed that over 11,000 Level 6 Clerk positions were eliminated in the five-year period from 2014 to 2018, yet only 98 clerks were excessed into the carrier craft, which equals 0.8 percent of the positions eliminated.

Second, a federal D.C. court dismissed the NALC’s lawsuit to halt the Consolidated Casing Initiative. Judge Boasberg stated he lacked jurisdiction to issue the injunction, which would stop the new process in the interm. He deferred to Arbitor Das’, stating he would have the authority through the grievance process. The arbitration is scheduled to begin November 22.


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