Solidarity To Survive the National Grid Lockout

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As you spend time with loved ones this holiday season remember the union family, especially 1,250 workers who have gone six months without pay and without health insurance, relying on the union to help them through the hardest time in their lives.


“They’ve paid mortgages, so people don’t get evicted. They’ve paid medical bills, so people don’t die. Workers have had no health insurance since July.”

Read more about how USW Locals 12012-04 and 12003 have taken care of their brothers and sisters during the lockout; and how the rest of the union family has shown up in support.   If you are able, donate to the lockout fund to keep workers and their families safe and healthy this holiday season.

We must continue to show the executives at National Grid and corporate bosses everywhere that we will not rest until we win this fight. They cannot treat workers with such callous disregard for our lives.

Support the locked out workers at the solidarity rally tomorrow on Wednesday, December 19th.

Call your state senators and Governor Baker to demand the swift passage of House Bill 4988 to protect workers’ physical and financial safety.

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