Take Action Now!!! Contact Your Senators and Congressional Representatives To Support Second Round Stimulus For USPS

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Contact Senators Warren, Markey & Your Massachusetts

Congressional Representative Here!!!


As NALC Union Members, and employees of the United States Postal Service you know how critical our services are, and with the current health crisis, it’s even more apparent to the American Public. The Postal Service is facing massive losses as a result of the economic shutdown. Although we have been self-sufficient for decades, we will need direct assistance during this crisis. At this critical time we need to reach out to those in Washington DC that can get us that infusion of capital to make it through these unprecedented times.

Please take a few minutes to directly contact our representatives by clicking on the link above where you will be taken to the NALC website to call, or fill out a preformatted email letter spelling out these issues, and helping us voice our needs and concerns. Though we are fortunate to be supported with Pro-Postal Service representation in this state, we need to send a strong message from all the people who are risking their health to sort and deliver medicines, lab tests, and many other vital goods and services essential to our shareholders: Our Customers! 

Thank you in advance,

The Branch 34 Boston Board of Officers 





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