As referenced in Article 8, Sections 4 and 5, of the USPS-NALC National Agreement, the December period during which penalty overtime regulations are not applicable consists of four consecutive service weeks.

This year, the December period begins Pay Period 25-17—Week 2 (Dec. 2, 2017) and ends Pay Period 01-18—Week 1 (Dec. 29, 2017).

 Saturday, November 11th is Veterans Day. 

To all Veterans, especially the hundreds of active and retired Members of Branch #34, Thank You for Your Service

You have defended freedom and peace with courage and honor. Today the nation honors you with gratitude. Happy Veterans Day. 

Branch #34 Military Service Veterans Dan Norton (Melrose), Bobby Parker and Charlie Barros (Fort Point) took part in a USPS Veterans Day Ceremony held at the GMF on Thursday, November 9th

Bagpiper Dan Norton has performed military medley’s and taps at these Postal Service Memorial Day and Veterans Day services for many years while Bob and Charlie have similarly served many ceremonies as Color Guard.